Giving thanks.

Let's go around the table and say...

In the US, today is Thanksgiving. I know that not all of you celebrate (and several of you aren’t even US-ians), so thank you for bearing with me through this silly hobby. I know a lotta y’all signed up for Halloween or Winter holidays, so Thanksgiving is a bit of an outlier here.

I’m really grateful for each of you. Knowing that someone – anyone – is willing to read this is just awesome. I’m so thankful for every word you’ve read, every share, every comment, every time you’ve told me that this gives your brain an entire molecule of serotonin.

Many families – including mine – have a tradition of each person saying to the table what they’re thankful for this year. I always want to hide in my shirt over the attention, but it’s a sweet way to keep the Giving Thanks in Thanksgiving.

So that I don’t have to think of it on the spot (which I do every year, as if I think this might be the year we skip it?), I thought I’d make an incomplete list of things I’m especially grateful for in 2021.

  • The basics: Look, I know it’s not a sexy choice right out of the gate, but I’m so, so grateful to have a job, a home, friends, health, family, kitties… I am so blessed, no ironic hashtag. Just having a kitchen where I feel comfortable making pie is a splendor that I try, try, try not to take for granted.

  • Grace: I’m awed by the grace that is extended to me every day by people who love me, by people who want me to succeed, by people who accept my faults, by people who just have more empathy and kindness than I manage to carry.

  • The woman I live with: She is an incredible friend, soul sister and roommate. I am so, so, so grateful that she continues to be a part of my life, even when I’ve made it so hard. Love you.

  • Forward momentum: When the universe carries you forward, when good things happen in spite of it all, when doors open when you were so, so scared that you were at a dead end.

  • Discovering myself: Finding myself in the middle of it all has been an incredible journey. I’m still not there, any I probably never will be. And it’s awesome to know that there’s always more me beneath, appearing, changing, growing.

  • Discovering, in general: Experiencing newness has been a big theme of this year. I’m so glad I’ve taken a chance on so many new experiences.

  • Hi.

  • The internet: Thank GAWD for the internet. I love that it brings me so much information, distraction, entertainment, connection and friendship. I love that it gives me an outlet to share my disorganized thoughts.

  • Pumpkins, cranberries, nutmeg, et al.: Every year, I am reminded of the cosmic unlikeliness that star stuff (and generations of agricultural know-how, to be fair) would coalesce to create something that so pleases my stupid human senses.

  • You, again: Seriously, I appreciate you so much. You’re awesome! I know a blanket thank you isn’t ideal, but know that I really do mean specifically you. I’m holding each one of your beautiful faces in my mind when I say: YOU are incredible, and I love you dearly.